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Positive behaviour for learning program

At Chalmers Road School, the PBL (Positive Behaviour for Learning) Program is designed to promote positive behaviour in our students.

Give Me 5! 

The program aims to instil the values of safety, respect and learning within the daily lives of our students.

The core rules included in PBL are universally applied across the school and are upheld through a merit and award system.

The school rules are easy to remember - Give Me 5!

The core rules are:

  1. Listen
  2. Be Safe
  3. Care for Property
  4. Share
  5. Be Kind and Friendly

These rules and expectations are displayed around the school learning areas and playgrounds.

The expectation of Give Me 5 extends beyond the classroom and into the community and home.

Students with complex learning needs may present with communication and behavioural needs that require specifically designed and implemented supports. The school team will work with families and other agencies to support positive planning interventions.

For further information, download a copy of our PBL Brochure (PDF 1400KB)